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Victoria Heeley

Trying to create a report that shows the top 10 used Categories we have added

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I am also trying to create a report  - last full month

Top 10 categories for incidents.

and I seem to be stuck at the first hurdle (well I've selected create report and named it!

grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction?

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Hi @Victoria Heeley

I've attached a couple of example reports which should help you on your way here - they both have a chart at the top of the generated PDF which shows the top 10 categories used last month for Incidents. 
I could remember if you used the Logging Categories or Closure Categories, so I have created a report to cover each of them. 

To upload them on your instance, simply create a new report and press the green upload button in the top right hand corner



Kind Regards


top-10-incident-logging-profiles-last-month.report.txt top-10-incident-closure-profiles-last-month.report.txt

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