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Customer (and connection?) has "viewed" the request


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Can we have the ability to see in a request whether the Customer has viewed it?

The idea would be if the request has updated, we would be able to see if the Customer has viewed the request or not since that last update.  This could then also be used for reporting as well on requests that haven't been seen by customer when it was last updated.  This field I would expect to find in the request table.

If the customer of the ticket is changed then this is reset.

It would also be good if we can see if a Connection has viewed the request too (maybe have an eye symbol next to their name, and if you hover over it it will have the date and time they last viewed the request).  I would guess this field would be held in the request connections table.



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Hello and Happy New Year,

I am just wondering if this has made its way through any internal discussions at Hornbill?



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