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Have Board 'Cards' changed?

Frank Reay

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We use Boards to track our Changes. I am sure the look of the 'Cards' has changed from a week or so ago. Is this the same for others?

The 'link' icon in the top right enables us to open the Request - the icon seems wrong?

The 'OPEN' button in the bottom right is not a hyperlink so cannot be accessed.

I can't quite remember the layout of the card before but it certainly wasn't this confusing!


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Hi Frank,

It's been like this since the release of the Board Manager app.  Maybe you are noticing a difference between the old Service Manger boards and the Board Manager app if you have recently switched from using one to the other.

As the Boards Manager app is a separate app, cards can link to email, requests, tasks, documents, projects, and other entities.  This is why the link icon.  It is a card that is linked to an entity, and clicking on this icon will take you to that linked entity.

The Open at the bottom right is a status of the linked entity.  In this case, it is showing that the request that it is linked to has a status of Open.  

I hope that helps.



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