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I have been asked to change the way response time is measured in our business processes. 

We currently mark the response time at the point when an a ticket had been evaluated, categorised and allocated to an Analyst. 

I have been asked to change this to measure when the Analyst actually does something with the ticket e.g. this could be sending an email from the ticket, adding conversation details, or using the "Update" menu item.

Unfortunately it would appear that the "Suspend" automation can only be set to look at one of these items at any one time.

I want to give our Analysts a bit of flexibility over which action to use when updating a ticket and responding to the user. 

Any ideas?

I am generally curious how other Hornbill users handle First Response times so even if you don't have a solution for the above, I would be happy to hear how your process works.


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Although sending that initial email is a good measure of a first response, using the timeline update or conversations may not be the best method as they could easily be internal only updates and not an actual response to the customer.

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