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Individual User Account logon help


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HI , apologies for what's probably a very simple question - have searched high and low through our documentation and Hornbill help and not been able to find an answer so posting......

Most of our users are set up to synchronise with AD however we have a couple of accounts which are set up directly within Hornbill for historical reasons (I probably should have asked my predecessor why but I digress) - one of these users is trying to logon however they're using the live.hornbill.com/xxxxxxxxdesk link.

I vaguely recall that these accounts had to use a different URL to logon but I've had no success finding any record of the URL in question - could anyone point me in the right direction to find this?


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@RobW as far as I am aware they should be able to login using the same link as everyone else.  There is an option to allow direct login wwhich was introduced in a platform build around a year ago:


When SAML is configured to authenticate against an external server(s), allow the user to optionally select to authenticate directly with Hornbill if the collaboration setting guest.anonymous.saml.[user|guest].allowhornbilllogin is set to true (these setting will be available in platform release 3135 or above)

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