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Contract View, Archived Contracts and attachments


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1  Is there any way of customising the  contract view?  We have added a field on our contracts - the date required to give notice of termination and wondered if we could add that to the contract view.

2  On the contracts you can add a contract to your watch list - is there anyway I can view all my contracts on my watchlist - in one list?

3  When you archive a contract it doesn't seem to put archive in the status field.  It only displays active.  Also would it be possible then to filter on the contract view by active and archived contracts? Can you hide and unhide archived contracts.

4  On the contract view when you filter contracts by suppliers after viewing one of the contracts when I go back to the contract view my filter has gone and I have to filter again by supplier is there anyway I can stop this happening?

5  Re the attachments to the contracts I am required to enter a type like invoice or quote are we able to add to this list ourselves (our system administrator).  It also allow us to add our own description but on viewing the attachments on the contracts I can only see type and the file itself not the description if I've added one.

Hope this makes sense.

Kind regards


IT Procurement Officer - SYPTE

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@LouiseE thanks for your post.

In response to your points raised:

1. Yes, the contracts view can be customised. It's already possible to pick and choose which columns are visible and in which order. What needs to change here is that we need to offer the custom fields against a supplier contract as available columns for you to select. I will speak to our product and development teams about getting these added.

2. Yes, clicking the button with the binoculars (next to the search field) will switch the view to showing you contracts that are on your watch list. You can then click it again to return to viewing all contracts.

3. This sounds like a bug which I will ask our development team to investigate. The ability to filter by status has previously been requested so hopefully we will see that added soon.

4. Yes, we have this issue on a few of our screens. Our development team are aware of the problem and it will be addressed hopefully soon.

5. Yes you can add your own options to this list. The simple list you need is called 'Supplier Attachment Types' and can be modified in the Hornbill Admin Tool. To see the description against an attachment, hover the mouse over the attachment icon on the left and the description will appear in a tooltip.

Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 13.25.16.png


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@LouiseE regarding points 1 and 3; the following has been added in the next Supplier Manager update:

1. Custom fields from the supplier contract can now be displayed in the supplier contracts table.

3. Archived contracts now show as status archived instead of status active.



Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 09.32.21.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 09.32.27.png

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