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AutoTask 'does not contain' condition?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

We use an AutoTask to update the priority and Summary  incident becomes a Major Incident.

Some of our analysts have been pressing the AutoTask button a number of times (for some reason!) on the same request, and that is updating the Summary multiple times too!

So, what I'd like to be able to do is to add a condition to the AutoTask to only show if the request is an Incident, and if the Summary does NOT contain '-Major Incident-', however this 'does not contain' option isn't available.

Is there any chance this could be added please?



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@Paul Alexander is it possible to do this off the priority?  for example if the auto-task button is visible to flag the major incident and this changes the priority, could you then hide the auto task button, using the condition - priority not equals major (or the name you use)?  

Failing that, as a workaround, you could get the auto task to add a value to a custom field, and then set the 'no show' condition on the value in the custom field?

There is an example of an escalate and de-escalate major incident on the sandbox instance 


Login as grahamc / H0rnbill - see how the raise / deescalate visibility are tied to the request priority  

Hope that helps

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