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Dynamic hyperlinks in emails

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Within my Incident management workflow for the customer portal, i have a question stating, does the request type need to be changed? This is there for if the customer via the customer portal raises an incident instad of a service request. If i select Yes, it will close the ticket and then auto raise a new Service request.

The customer will then get a new email showing the below:



If they click on the link, it points to the internal portal which is wrong and they get 'You do not have permission to view this request'

What setting do i need to select so that when the customer receives an email saying that a new service request has been raised, it contains the correct URL depending if they are using the customer or employee portal? 

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@Dave Longley What you'll need are ESP Conditions in your email template


This will allow you to define both the URL's for the internal employee portal and for the external customer portal, and depending on the customer type (contact / co-worker), only the relevant one will show in the email.

Check out this post, i think it will give you what you need (You will need to substitute the internal URL in the example with the employee portal request URL, as this topic uses the service portal URL as an example)


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