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Assets not showing Owner

Paul Alexander

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We have a list of software assets which use a shared license. We add a new line for each of the 'shares' using this software and then add the 'used by' user to each line and, if there are any 'blanks' then we know we have a spare license.

However, I've just done a search for this software and opened up an asset which has an empty 'used by' field, but, when the asset opens, it shows that it DOES have a user associated with it. 





This obviously makes assigning new software a bit of a chore at the moment - any ideas please?




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Hi @Paul Alexander

we are unable to replicate this issue. If you can give some extra info to help us replicating it would be very helpful.

Can you please double check that the 2 screenshots refer to the same asset ID, as I can see there are name assets names BlueBeam.

Was the asset originally created with or without the Used By user?
Is the user still active?
Can you see other assets showing the same issue or its just this one specifically ?
Are you on the latest SM build?



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Hi @ArmandoDM

The 2 screenshots DO show the same asset (I purposefully added the 'This One' text to the Notes section to make sure!)


The asset was originally created WITHOUT the 'Used By User field.

The user IS still active

I CAN see other assets where this is a problem - for instance:


Asset number 17300 shows as having NO 'used by' data, however when I click it, the record DOES show Used By info:






We ARE on the latest build. 

Unfortunately I can't tell if this is happening a lot (not without clicking through every asset!) so I'm not sure how prevalent it is. 






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Guest Mohamed

Hey @Paul Alexander

Apologies for the delay on this, our developers have still be trying to replicate and understand the issue but with no luck, but we are still currently looking into it 

Is there any further, potential replication steps that may help at all? i.e. You create a Asset of a certain type and / or class, do action x, then b etc. 

Thanks, Regards


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Hi @Mohamed

I don't have any replication steps unfortunately - I'm sure that these assets have been there for well over a year.

One thing I HAVE noticed though is that, if I sort a list by the 'Used By' column, and then open one of the assets in the list which looks like there's a gap:



And then manually update the 'Used By' field (even though it already has a name in it):



And then refresh the list, the name DOES show up....




So the list DOES know that there's an owner (as the list is sorted by owner name), but it's just not showing as a list item. 


I'm not sure if that helps or not?! 


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Hi again

In addition to what I mentioned above, I've just had to do an export of some assets to a csv file, and, even though the 'used by' field in the asset screen is blank:



In the excel download, the field is showing correctly:





This is making the asset screen pretty useless for what we need - could this be revisited and sorted out please?



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Has there been any movement on this please? 

I'm just running through a list of assets and, if I sort the list by the UsedBy or OwnedBy columns, there are a load of 'blanks' in between other records and, if I open any one of these 'blanks' there is an owner or user in the relevant field....


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Hi @Victor

I'll get it logged...I always feel a little bullish if I put something on this forum, where someone says they're investigating, but then I log a ticket as well! it makes me feel like I'm asking for something which is already being looked at! 

BUT..saying that, at least if it's logged then it'll be tracked etc. So yes, I'll log it...


It's just ONE of the many problems of being TOO nice :rolleyes:


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