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AD Single Sign On Help Please

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Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone is able to help us please.

We have configured Single Sign On on our instance and it appears to be working however when going to our instance by IE or Chrome it is promoting for login details (Username and Password), we want to configure it so its seamless and no logon details will be presented to our end users - it will automatically passthrough and log them in.  We understand from the Wiki pages this is possible.
Anyone got any ideas how to configure ADFS or IE & Chrome to allow seamless login to work. We have tried the Microsoft Website and this didn't help unfortunately.

Unfortunately, we have never used ADFS before and are a little stuck. 

Any advise anyone can give would be most appreciated :) 

Many thanks,

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HI Chris,

What you are describing relates to the way that IE security and/or your ADFS authentication is configured.  These are both quite complicated and can be very different in different environments. We at Hornbill get by, but we are not AD experts by any stretch, I would suggest, if you can you should take these questions to your orgs AD expert group, the team that deal with your AD infrastructure, they would be by far best placed to give you the answers you need, as this will be very site-specific. 


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