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Links Widget not rendering correctly on iPhone

Michael Sharp

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@Michael Sharp I know there was an issue before, but this should have been resolved on the mobile


Could you check something for us?

1. Can you go into settings, clear cache - does this resolve it?

2. If not in settings, can you check which client build you are on? should be 142

3. Are you accessing the mobile app from a shortcut on your home screen?  if so could you try opening up safari on the iphone and accessing the mobile directly from the url mcatalog.hornbill.com/(yourinstance) - if you do this, are you still seeing the issue

Let us know how you get on



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2 hours ago, Steven Boardman said:

@Michael Sharp mine is a links widget (showing for comparison with yours) on build 142.

If you go to safari and access the URL without going via the home screen link what build do you get and what can you see on the links widget?





@Steven Boardman doing the same but still only getting #141 too?


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