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Show requests in an 'assigned to' lane?

Paul Alexander

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I'd like to be able to use a board to view the requests assigned to a particular analyst in a team, as well as requests which HAVEN'T been assigned.

So, I have a board which I have a number of lanes in.

  • One of these lanes I'd like to show requests for this team which haven't been assigned to an analyst yet.
  • The other lanes are for requests which have been assigned, one lane per analyst. These lanes should show requests assigned to this analyst.
  • I'd like to be able to drag and drop the request into a different analysts' lane and for that to reassign the request to whoever's lane I've dragged it in to.


I understand that I can reassign using the filter option at the top of the screen, but is there a way (or could there be a way) of reassigning and showing requests per analyst in a board view please? I also understand that I can put in a 'wait for analyst' node in the bpm and then add the request to the board after that point, but it doesn't help with reassigning at a later moment in the process....


Hopefully that makes sense...!!




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Hi @Paul Alexander

This is not possible at the moment, to reassign requests on a board currently you need to drag the user icon over them.  In the future we plan to add a trigger to launch an auto-task when you drop a card in a lane, it would then be possible to do all sorts of automations when you move a card in the board including assigning of the related request.  This work isn't schedule yet so unfortunately I don't have a timescale for when it may be added and doubt it will be soon but will let you knwo when its added



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