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Error message when opening excel reports


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We have lots of reports that we open in excel. Today when I open them I get an error message 


And a corrupted file if I open it.

This seems to be affecting all our reports even ones that have been used frequently

Anyone else having the same?  I will log a support call too as this is a big problem for us



PS just found out that saving as a .csv works and it opens without any errors

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Found that .csv works
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Yes same for me, most of my reports have the csv option but the xlsx format ones give the same error


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FYI, all: 

If you really need an Excel file generated by one of your reports, the scheduled report sending you the file by email works. Just schedule it to run once and set the time to a few minutes after and you can get the Excel file without errors.


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Admin Tool Build Number: 1259 has this update. Your current build can be viewed from the About option in the Admin Console.
The release will be applied automatically during your maintenance window and announced on the forum. It is currently completing testing and will be released asap.

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