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New Update: Hornbill Admin Tool (1256)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Admin Tool (1256) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • ITOM - Package - Package Creator: Now supporting generic Linux / Apple macOS as Target OS for a package
  • ITOM - Job Queue/Scheduling - Job Discovery: Added new SSH protocol and support for SSPrivateKey Type of KeySafe
  • ITOM - Job Queue/Scheduling - Job Discovery: Now supporting discovering generic Linux / Apple macOS
  • system - data - data direct: do not allow users to type in invalid filenames for db query saves.
  • ITOM - Package Creator - Package Operation: Now allowing to target an Linux Shell Script
  • ITOM - Inventory View: Now we get the RAM memory in precise MB for machines not having a 1024 multiple size
  • applications - reports - report editor: add support for ordering chart columns by label A-z instead of just values (requires server build 3343)
  • App store - application details view: static release notes support Important Notices markup.
  • Workflows - BPM - Editor: Decision node isin/isnotin not doing case insensitive test correctly
  • ITOM - Job Queue - Discovery Jobs: We fix WinRM protocol and is now available in the discovery job creation form
  • ITOM - Inventory View: IPv6 was not shown in details
  • workflow - bpm - editor: Ensure save button does not activate after first loading workflow.
  • application - Reports - Report Editor: preview data now supports column output where a column name occurs more than once, when joining tables. (Requires server build 3343 onwards)
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