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Customer (External) = Password update


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We use Hornbill for both internal and external customers. The management of internal users is easilsy managed as it syncs with Active Directory.

The issue we have is with external customers. We have around 1000 users. Is there away to change their portal passwords in bulk?

We are currently having to do this one at a time, and its just not feasible.

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It is possible to do this using the Contact Importer, using the update mode, as you only need to update the password and possibly there Portal Rights.

We used this approach to update pre-created contacts in the system to add Portal Rights to them, on go live. This way we could create the contacts ahead of time for the migration process and but not give them access until we went live.

You would need a list of contacts extracted from Hornbill in file or database. Then generate new password for each. You then use this as source for the Contact Import update process.

In terms of communication of passwords we did not provide them, as their is no current facility to force password expiry or change on first use. We advised all our external customers to use the forgotten password operation on first login so that they reset their password to a value that only they would know for security reasons.




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