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LAst Updated By to be selectable for Request list

RIchard Horton

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In HSM when looking at Service Requests we would like to be able to include the Last Updated By field (ie the person who make the last update to the ticket). This is currently not selectable. I gather this is because it isn't held at this level. IS there interest in being able to see this ? 



PS apologies if I'm raising against the wrong area ! 

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Hi Richard,

I've moved this post to the Service Manager topic as it relates to the Service Manager app.

We have just finished work on adding this field to the Request List.  This will be available in the next Service Manager update in about a week or two.  The documentation has already been updated.  

We have included some colour coding to help identify if the last update was done by the customer, a member of the support team, or an automated update.



I hope this will help.



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