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Emails to closed ticket no-reply response

RIchard Horton

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At the moment when a service request has been closed in HSM  if someone emails again then their email gets lost - no ticket updated and no notification. Would be helpful if there was a noreply type auto response saying this ticket has been closed please raise a new one. I gather this can't be done at the moment. Any interest in this ? 



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Hi, I'd also like to register interest in this. We currently have issues with emails updating closed tickets and notifications not being picked up, either because of the sheer volume or because the owner is away. We're going to change the allowClosedCallUpdates settings so the emails sit in the mailbox instead but this is a step backwards as analysts will have to action them manually. An auto response advising the user to raise a new ticket would be much better from our perspective, and it would reduce the number of escalations. 



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