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Following the release of  New Update: Hornbill Timesheet Manager (148) and the below 2 features:

Visibility of Co-Worker Timesheets.
Visibility of Team Timesheets.

We are seeing Archived Co-workers under the Managers timesheet view.

Is this intentional and/or is there any way it can be removed from View?

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@sprasad you can alter which users a timesheet viewer can view from the Timesheet Visibility option in the admin tool

* You can click on the Update option next to the mapping, and move it to offline, or simply use the trash can to remove visibility to that users timesheet completely 


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Regarding the visibility of archived users, this is something that we are aware of and we will look to provide a feature to allow filtering.  At the moment it may be a case that a user was recently archived but their time spent prior to being archived is still applicable as part of the reports.

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