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Auto Update, Logo Now Stretched

Chris Bardell

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Our instance update last night automatically, ever since the update the Logo now is stretched. It never used to look like this before the update? I have tried to change the size of the logo within the employee portal settings but to get it to a size where it doesn't stretch i have to make it really small.


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Hi @Chris Bardell, just wanted to confirm which portal this was in. Are you using service.hornbill.com/instancename or live.hornbill.com/instancename?

It would also be useful to see the values you've set for the logo if possible.

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Hi @Chaz,

I just noticed Hornbill Service Manager had an manual update i could do. I have just updated Service Manager and it appears to have gone back to normal and the logo is now displaying correctly.  Now using Service Manager build1967 .

Maybe a bug in the previous build?



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Guest Chaz

@Chris Bardell the timing of the build was just coincidence, it was a bug in the Collaboration Core UI build which was automatically pushed out around the time you saw the Service Manager update.

Glad it's sorted, apologies for the inconvenience.

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