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Services in Alphabetical Order

Hannah Stella

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We've noticed the services on the new Employee Portal are not always in alphabetical order. For the most part they are, however there is one out of place. Is it expected to be able to organize the services on the new Employee Portal or should they default to alphabetical? image.thumb.png.bf6188b0a52ea2748b94d02f577a8edf.png

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Hi @Hannah Stella,

Sorry I didn't realise that I didn't specify the build of what. I was referring to the Hornbill ESP build (That's our Platform) and is automatically updated so you don't have to do anything. You should have it already updated.

Expanding a bit more, the Employee Portal is part of our core features so you also don't have to update anything. Other applications like Service Manager can attach part of their functionality like for example; be able to raise a request and see its details.

I hope is more clear now.




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