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Override field based on whether a date a number of days from today is selected

Paul Alexander

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We have a requirement where someone is asked to enter a date into a Progressive Capture form, and what we'd like to is to check the entered date and compare it with today's' date and, if it's within 10 working days, ask them why they've left it so late! (that's the gist of it anyway)

So, my question is, is there a way of comparing a selected date in a date field with another date (today, for instance) and, if it's within a certain time span, THEN show another over-ridden field asking for more details please?


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@Paul Alexander i can't think of a solution that way around of the top of my head, but would a reverse solution work for you?

1. Ask the user to pick the required date, but in the pc custom form, date control limit the available dates to those 10 days out from now (set today as the default). thus not allowing them to pick a date in the past or in the next 10 days.



2. Offer a check box, if they need it sooner - if ticked it opens up another date control (not date bound) and justification box which have to be completed?



If a sooner date is needed, it shows as below


You could then use your bpm check if second is populated and write to the same custom field, as the first date if it is - so you only have one date field on the request to worry about

Just a thought 





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