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Has anyone been able to use a question from a progressive capture in a report?

Adam Toms

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Hello all,

I have a dashboard view currently set up, where a colleague is able to extract all smartphone requests captured in a month.

Currently a colleague from the Procurement team, goes through all tickets, to find the cost code, which is a question in the progressive capture of the catalogue item.

What would be handy to save the Procurement team going through each ticket manually, as on average there is around 100 per month, if I can add the cost code field into the report so this information is pulled into the Excel Spreadsheet extract.

Would be keen to know if this is something that is possible, and if other members of the Hornbill community have been able to do this?

Many Thanks.



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@Adam Toms if you use the business process engine, to update a custom field on the request with the cost code from the progressive capture questions, then the custom fields can be used in your reports

You will need to use a Request > Get Request Details > Progressive Capture Answers node first, then a Request > Update Request > Custom Fields nodes and inject the required PC answer into a custom field, using the variable picker and then report on this.

Hope that helps



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@Steven Boardman Thanks very much for your quick response. I will look into what you're suggesting. The BPM for this catalogue item is being used in multiple places. What I may need to do is take a copy of the existing BPM, then create a specific one for this catalogue item, and then follow the rest of steps you have kindly provided, as not all our Service Requests require cost code information to be submitted.

Thanks again.

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