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Problem Notification when Raising a ticket

David Wilson

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@David Wilson there are a couple of options here

1. Service Availability - if the service you want to raise an Incident against is impacted or degraded, this can be viewed on the services form in progressive capture - an indication a problem may exist



2. If you have the knowledge centre enabled, when you use the details form, or a single text field linked to the (h_summary) field on a custom form, it will do a check for 

* Matching FAQ's

* Related Incidents, Problems, Changes

* Known Issues


Opening the knowledge centre, will allow you to see the matches, and in this case link your new Incident to an existing problem during the logging process


You can opt to use the knowledge centre, just for agents and or customers - and all of this is covered here on the wiki and the relevant settings to enable it for the required audience: 


See the section at the bottom about the result matching, to see how it uses the chosen service to narrow the results.

Hope that helps


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