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Human Task assignment

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Is there a way to assign a human task to the request's owner AND the team who is member of?
It's seems to me that the members of the team which are assigned the manager role are capable to manage the tasks assigned to a different owner (think on vacation, day-off and so on)
I'm able to create manually a human task that is shared to a group (team) but it seems to me that is not possible at a BPM level, am I wrong?
And in this case can you show me which is the right node setting?

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Hi Giuseppe,

Thanks for your post.  The Hornbill Automation for the BPM Human Task doesn't yet have this new feature for assigning to a team.  We are looking to get this added.  There is a lot of great work going on with the BPM engine, and this update to the Human Task will come as part of that work.  No time frame yet, but it is something that you will see over time.



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@James Ainsworth yes James I know, but some action have to be completed within the response time and therefore is under the owner duty; it may happen that a team manager may need to reassign the task (due to the owner unplanned day-off/ owner beeing sick / and similar circumstances).
Have the task assigned to an owner but shared with the team would give the team manager the possibility to better manage the daily tasks.
Thank you

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