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Userid case sensitive in API requests

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We have an issue with requests created via the API (customer complete a web form),  in some cases the user is prevented from viewing those calls in the Hornbill service portal - they get  "You do not have permission to view this request".

The issue appears related to the case of the email they specify, which we use for the customer userid of the call. The case needs to match that of the Hornbill user id e.g. if the user id in Hornbill is First.Surname@domain.co.uk and you create the request making the customer first.surname@domain.co.uk, they won’t be able to view that request in the portal. You can manually change the customer in Service Manager and that fixes the error.

Users are added to Hornbill via the LDAP tool which just pulls the data (and the case of the userid) from AD. While most users are set up in AD with lowercase userid, there are lots that aren’t

Is there anything we can do to get the correct case before creating the requests e.g. an additional API call to ascertain the user id case?

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Hi @nasimg,

You could make a call to session::userProfileGet, passing the email address in the userId parameter as so:


Note that the userId parameter is not case-sensitive in this API call, but the userId returned in the profileData output params is correctly cased.



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Update - our developer now uses userGetInfo id to replace what the customer has entered (so we get the correct case). Still surprised it causes Hornbill a problem.

Thanks for you speedy response @Steve G


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