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Change of BPM with a Node


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I wanted to understand if it was possible to have a node within a BPM that can change the BPM according to things like for example the priority.


To give an example of what i'm trying to achieve; we have a Major Incident BPM that we would like triggered if a ticket is priorities as a P1 or P2:



So if the ticket is prioritised as a P1 or P2, the flow will go down the Major Incident route and change the flow to the Major Incident BPM.


This way, one generic Major Incident BPM could be used across all services.



Feel free to ask questions if I have not made myself clear.



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@aykut.boyraz it is not possible to change the BPM of a request i am afraid, but there are some options here

1. If you have different behaviour depending on the priority of a ticket, you can build branching into your single BPM to check the priority say on entering each stage and then perform actions accordingly.

2. Auto Tasks, allow you to run workflows and actions against a request which is running a business process. 

An example maybe

An Incident is running a business process, and it is not a P1 or Major Incident, but at some point in the process, it needs to be promoted to a Major for example

Via a Custom button, you can invoke an Auto Task, which could be configured to do multiple actions - for example

* Change the Priority to Major

* Invoke your Major Incident comms plan

  1. Add service desk manager
  2. promote to a board
  3. post to workspace
  4. post to slack / Teams / Twitter etc
  5. Email users 

You could also have a second custom button which only shows if the Incident is a Major Incident, and this could allow for the de-escalation of the Major Incident

* Change the Priority

* Notify users 

* Post out to same workspace

* Post to slack / Teams / Twitter etc

* Remove Incident from Board

These are just examples 

Also doing this, means you could add actions, like a Major Incident Report at the end of your Normal Incident Process, and this would only get invoked if at the point of closure the priority was Major

Lots of options 

If you want to take a look at these, you can login to the sandbox instance and check the above example out for yourself

Login as grahamc / H0rnbill for password


* Check out any Incidents which are logged against the Desktop Support Service

  • See the custom buttons for invoking an auto task process 
    • If the priority is not Major, it will show the option to promote to Major
    • If the priority is already Major, it will provide the option to de-escalate 



* See the example auto task processes which run against custom buttons




* See a process which checks priority and only invokes actions depending on it's priority


The beauty with Auto Tasks, is they allow you to invoke standard actions (process) on a request which is already running a business process

Hope some of this helps

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