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Email signiture not displaying properly in Outlook

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We're having an issue with images in the email signiture from emails sent manually from Hornbill showing much larger than specified in the email template.

Images are showing in real size


Rather than the size specified in the email template


The images show normally in auto generated emails and the email template used for that shows the exact same sizes for the images.


I can inspect the emails properties and the details show that it should be the size specified in the email template (fourth image)


These are showing correctly in webmail.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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Just to add to the above, this has been happening just over a month now from what we can tell and happens to each image with the td style tags. 
How the source code looks within the email template:

<td style="border:none; width:76.5pt; border-right:solid #a2a2a2 1.0pt; padding:0cm 11.25pt 0cm 0cm" valign="top" width="102">
                        <p><img alt="Pa media group" src="https://storage.pardot.com/314511/89019/logo.png" style="width: 98px; height: 66px;" />
                        <img alt="fb" height="27" src="https://storage.pardot.com/314511/89013/group_fb_icon.png" width="28" />
                        <img alt="tw" height="27" src="https://storage.pardot.com/314511/89017/group_tw_icon.png" width="28" />
                        <img alt="in" height="27" src="https://storage.pardot.com/314511/89015/group_li_icon.png" width="28" /></p>

How it shows in preview:


View within outlook:


Seems to only be an issue when manually sending an email from within Hornbill all automatic emails display correctly and as Andrew stated it uses the same email template.

Any help would be appreciated thank you.

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Hi Andy,

Could you confirm if the manual emails are being sent from the Email View or from within a Service Manager Request?  Or does this happen for both?



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Hi @Andytaylor93,

We've found a problem specifically with Outlook where it doesn't understand the common style passed in an image. We are looking for a fix and as soon as we have this we'll make a build.



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Looking at your screenshot, independently of this issue, I suggest you to reduce the size of the image outside of Hornbill to reduce the overall size of the email.

Having such a big image in the signature can impact drastically the size of all the emails you send. remember that even if you change the dimensions of the image, it won't change the size in bytes of the image and it can be quite heavy.

Is a good practice to use an image with the exact size you need, especially in an email.



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