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Reply to @System AutoResponder on Timeline


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when Customer replies to an email sent by Analyst from the Request in Hornbill - it appears on a Timeline as "System AutoResponder". There is an option/button called "Reply". When I click on it I got @System AutoResponder as a recipient. As a result - should the Customer get an email or notification only?

See the picture.




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Hi @Daniel

When the customer replies to the email from the helpdesk, the email is being processed by your Email Routing Rules and if it matches a request reference etc it will be posted as an entry in the timeline by the system hence (System autoresponder) which is a system account/internal analyst. 

To communicate further with your customer via email you would continue to reply using the mailbox view or the email tab on the request or simply posting the update with "Customer" visibility will make the comment available for your customer to see on the relevant external portal, the reply mention is not relevant in this case.

Replies are for use when collaborating internally e.g. with other members of your team.

Hope that helps,

Kind Regards,


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