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Unable to access requests within Service Manager

Andrew Tasker

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I'll lock this post as this is discussed in more detail in the post above.  

The following root cause analysis provides further detail on the nature of the issue:

On Wednesday, 17th June, at 09:32, we were alerted to an issue that prevented customers from viewing or updating requests in Service Manager. The root cause has been identified and relates to the Service Manager application cache not being reloaded correctly. Specifically, the application stored queries were not being reloaded after updating Service Manager to the latest build.

A workaround of manually reloading the application cache was communicated to customers a few minutes after the first report was made, followed shortly thereafter by appropriate updates to release notes communicated on the forum and within the Administration Tool. Furthermore, a permanent fix has also now been implemented and was deployed in a recent build of the Hornbill Platform over the weekend.

We apologise for any inconvenience this caused.

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