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One User having issue with the Update field

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi, bit of a strange one but I have one full User who has a strange quirk affecting her use of the Update field in a request.

So as an example, when she enters any text, then presses the carriage return or enter button to tab down to the next line it removes the 1st letter so if she types Hi, it becomes just I? she has found a way around this by pressing carriage return or enter a couple of times in the update field then she is able to type Hi with no issues

Any idea why this is happening for just one user? She works on Windows 10 using Edge

Many thanks

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Hi Deen 

I have got this User to try logging onto another laptop with same setup and it works aok some it must be some setting in her Edge browser on her laptop (works fine in IE, it is just Edge this is occurring in but I am unsure what setting is causing this. I will ask her to get Edge reinstalled to see if this remedies the issue

Many thanks as always

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