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URGENT | Unable to Open Requests

Michael Sharp

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@Michael Sharp

I thought you would have more faith in us than that :) Yes its built in, the problem is, there was a problem with the build and the order in which things were done got out of step, its not a usual problem but after investigation we found the issue and solved it, the fastest workaround was a cache reload sadly. 


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ok thanks @Gerry - as you can appreciate in our profession the stupid questions always have to be asked!!  :-) 

Maybe something as rugged as text within the release notes (preferably in red or bold) to suggest this might be required going forwards perhaps?  To be fair, found the fix (as I wasn't the first to jump in with this update) fairly quickly and you came back really quickly too fortunately on this occasion.  

Was really eager to start exploring the "most available analyst" function I guess which looks like a game changer.



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