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We currently have the setting for the email composer set as:


If we change this to 'message text' this will default all users to that setting, our question is do analysts need to login for this to take effect?

The reason we ask is that we have found people using the 'template' view and sending emails that are not formatted correctly so wanted to change the default to be the message box. Our plan was to change this to message text then wait a few hours then change back to analyst setting hoping that the default will then be set to the message box and if people really need the template view they can then switch back to that specific one.

Would this work?

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Hi Jeremy,

When the cmposerType setting is changed, the analysts will see the selected option when they either do a browser refresh or logout and back in again. 

The Analyst's option to use the Preview Mode is stored against their user.  When switching the composerType setting from Analyst Setting to Message Text and then back to Analyst Setting, their previous selection with still be in place.  

From my testing, I don't think it will work.



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