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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1958)

Guest Ehsan

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Guest Ehsan

Please note, once when the update to the Service Manager application is complete after pressing the "Update" button, please press the "Reload Application Cache" button right after. This can be achieved through Admin Tool > System > App Store > Hornbill Service Manager tile.



What's New

What's Changed

What's Fixed

  • When a field is driven by the "Get All Sites" data provider, Site's Id is shown rather than Site's name in the Employee Portal. {PM00163155}
  • Not able to branch on "Service Details" Progressive Capture form in the Employee Portal. {PM00163062}
  • Performance improvements when getting a count in the Assets section in the Request details page. {PM00162639}
  • Performance improvements when expanding the Assets section in the Request details page. {PM00163026}
  • Filter on 'Warranty Expires' and other date attributes returns no results in the Assets list. {PM00162908}
  • Cannot update the Asset Substate via inline Summary. {PM00162931}
  • Right side in Progressive Capture does not update when changing Asset via "Get All Assets" data provider. {PM00163011}
  • Asset description in Progressive Capture does not show wiki text. {PM00161565}
  • Department is not included in the CSV file for uploading Assets. {PM00162738}
  • Reset archived flag when Request is re-opened. {PM00162946}
  • Error in 'Requests > Get Request Information > Progressive Capture Answers' Hornbill Automation when the answer is null. The operation has been extended to load more than 100 questions. {PM00162893}
  • Request marked as unread when the owner leaves a comment in the Timeline. {PM00162655}
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