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How to record that an asset is for 'home use'

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I'm after some advice here please...with the Covid19 restrictions about not being able to work from the office still in force, we've had to buy a whole load more monitors and docking stations etc for our workforce. 

We'd like to add these assets to Hornbill (which obviously we can do easily enough). But we're looking to have a 'location' option which can either be 'Home Use' or 'Office Use'. I can see that we can just put free-text into the Location field, but what we'd really like is a drop-down option in a field called 'Usage' (or something similar).

Is it possible to add a new field for this purpose please, or is there an option that I'm not seeing?



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Hi Paul,

Just as a quick idea, do you think that using Sites would work for you?  You could have one site for your office and a generic site called Home.  These will be displayed in a pick list.  Sites are defined in the Admin portal.  

The Sites feature under the main menu Home Tile called Sites also give you a perspective based on these sites.  From here you can quickly see a lot of information about a site.  You could allocated users to the Home site so you can also easily see which users do work from home.  


Let me know if you think that would work for you.



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