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Email Routing Rules


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@AndyHill ok, but then is set incorrectly. As mentioned in the article: 

When using the LIKE operator the value does not contain a wildcard. When using the LIKE operator in a criterion to match specific patterns, the value needs to contain at least a wildcard otherwise the operator will evaluate as a hard match (equal). For example, a criterion like subject LIKE "test" will evaluate as subject = "test" because the value used for LIKE evaluation does not contain any wildcard.

If your email has multiple recipients then your criterion needs to be toAddress LIKE '%the_email_address%'

If you don't specify the % % then the condition will do a hard match as opposed to a soft match.

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HI @Victor 

I have a question regarding the routing rules for service manager. I have setup some rules but there is no action all this mails are in the error folder. But when i send this mail intern with the same subject it works i cannot find out why it is working and in why not.


here it works: Success Folder and ticket


here not: Error folder



Thanks and best regards



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@Victor Is there a setting who allows  internal mails but no external mails. For routing rules?

all Mails from extern are not working but from intern with the same subject. and my rules are subject related.





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