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Custom Fields for Assets


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@Martyn Houghton Thanks for that. I have added +1 to the thread. Out of interest do you use translations in Asset Management to change the Label names? I am about to start working on this and I have found the translations but unsure if that will cause issues down the road with reporting. Being unable to change the format is a pain but I reckon I have enough fields to 're-use'.

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@Jeremy Littered around the place in HB Service Manager>Translations. Search in these areas:
user.view.asset (pages of entries)
user.common.asset (enables re-naming of asset classes)
ui.asset (includes translating text in drop downs but obviously cannot add/remove number of entries)

Had a chat with Samrai today who as expected did warn against extensive use of translations as management of reporting can become tricky. It all depends on your intentions.

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On 6/15/2020 at 1:51 AM, Jeremy said:

What it be possible to request custom fields to be added for assets?

We are finding that we want to record information against them but the field descriptions don't match what we want to use them for.

Hi Jeremy,

Could you let us know what fields you are looking for?

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@James Ainsworth we have our teaching rooms as assets in the General class, with a subtype of teaching room the additional fields we would like are:

PC Build Version - Text
PC RAM - Text or predefined amounts like 4Gb,8Gb,16Gb
PC Testing Date - date
Proj/Display Screen Make/Model - text box or a drop down of choices
Working At Height Information - free text
Lamp Model - text box or a drop down of choices
Induction Loop - yes,no,n/a

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