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Request Reassign Post SLT failure


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I am struggling to write an exception report to allow us to improve our internal processes

I would like to see any Incident or Service Request that has been reassigned to another resolver team after the service level target has passed

can anyone help with how I could build this report?

many thanks


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Hi @AndyGilly

Nice idea for a report - I've not built this one before, so have given it a go. 

I've put in some date criteria (basically any reassignments that have happened since the start of Last Month and the Today) but feel free to play around or remove this in the filter section of the report. 
Upload it using the green button in your reports section, and let me know if it does the job. 

PS - Ignore the preview if it looks like the Previous Team Name and Assigned Team Name are the same...this is just a preview bug, when you actually run the report the data should hopefully show correctly. 

Kind Regards


incsr-reassigned-team-after-breaching-resolution-sla.report (1).txt

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