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Copying To Project Boards

Tom Gilbert

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I'm creating a set of 9 boards for a specific project in Project Manager. I'd like to be able to copy the cards I'm creating and paste them onto each of the nine boards. This will save me a ton of time re-creating the same cards on different boards. However, the only option I have when I select the Copy To option is Boards within the main Boards application and not within the Project itself. Is there a way of copying cards from a board within a project to another board within the project?

Some screenshots below to explain.

1. The Boards I have created within the project


2. The Boards I have created within the main Boards application which are completely separate from the project and use Service Manager as the basis.


3. A card within a project board. You can see the only options I have is to Copy To a board within the main Boards application.


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