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Automatic Update pop up

Paul Welby

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The first time that a user logs onto Hornbill that day, they get the attached 'Turn on Automatic Update' flash up, if you go into the settings as advised, the automatic update button is off anyway.

I am not sure if this happens for other sites or is it just us? How can we turn this feature off permanently?

Many thanks


Hornbill Updates issue.PNG

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@Paul Welby this works based on a browser cookie that is set on user machine. If this does not exist the popup is displayed regardless of how this is configured on user profile. Once an option is set, the browser cookie is set and the popup will no longer be displayed. If the browser cookies are deleted this popup will be presented again.

Also, to clarify, the automatic update button is referring to the "Automatic Backup" functionality not to displaying the popup.

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@Paul Welby

Victor is correct ths setting is remembered in the browser, however if the feature is turned off in the profile settings as you indicate then the popup should not appear even if the browser  data is cleared.  I will investigate why this is not happening and let you know when we have a fix



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