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Stop updates to a Cancelled request

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

Is there a setting anywhere which I can use to prevent cancelled requests from being updated by anyone please? 

We've got some requests which have been cancelled, but where one of the analysts has then gone in and changed the status to 'resolved' instead. 

Obviously the analyst has been told NOT to do this, but it would be nice to make it so that they CAN'T do it at all!




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Hi Paul,

While this is not an automated solution, you could create a custom button with an Auto Task set up that not only locks up the cancelled request, but you could also clear down other aspects of the cancelled request.  Like remove connections, or members for example.  Here I have created a custom button with a condition where it will only show when the request has a status of cancelled.  



While this is currently a manual click on the button, it does offer a way to quickly clear down a cancelled request.  The Auto Task will use all the same Hornbill Automations that are available in the BPM workflow.  So there is a lot you can accomplish with a click of a button.  We will be looking at ways to automate these same Auto Tasks.  

Hope this helps.


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