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Daily Scheduled Job moving forward in timing

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Hi All,

I have a BPM setup to generate a daily scheduled job into one of our team queues, and one of the Analysts taking action on the requests has highlighted that the time of the request creation each day is moving forward ever so slightly in time. When the first job was started it was at 8.48 AM, however after it running for a period of time this has moved forward ever so slightly to 8.52. Not a massive issue, but I was interested in seeing why this was occurring. I have checked the BPM and the task is set to 1 day to generate - nothing set in the hours / minutes just 1 day.

Many thanks as always


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@Adrian Simpkins if the BPM is on a loop, and is waiting for an expiry period to expire, before logging the next ticket it will  have to work through the process which might take a second or two, and then when it gets back to the next 'let's say' task, it will set the next 1 day from that point, so over time it could be gaining a second or more each time, which over time is nudging the actual time forward.

Hope that makes sense

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