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Chat acess for service manager agents

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We are trialling live chat and have noticed that if a ticket has a source of Chat only users with a Chat role and license are able to access the original chat content

When a chat agent raises a request from a chat we don't want them to have to copy all chat content into the request to allow the new resolver to be able to have the key information.

We also cannot afford to license over 100 agents for chat on the odd chance they get a request that has chat as the source.

Can someone please help, am I missing a role that can help? I haven't been able to see anything that helps this in the documentation


many thanks




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Hi @AndyGilly

Unfortunately its not possible for users without a livechat license to access live chat session so the chat script will need to passed into the request when this is raised.  We will investigate if its possible to make this process occur automatically when a request is raised, and let you know when we have a solution


Trevor H

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