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Adding a tag to a report


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Please would it be possible to help?  I am have created a report, however I am unable to add a column to show the resource's name or only projects with a tag associated to them of 'Test'.  Please would it be possible to help with which table and column I would need to add in order to obtain these?  Thank you.

Kind Regards


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@Ann thanks for your post.

In the Project Resources table, we only hold the resource type (currently only resourceType.person) as well as the primary key (user id). We have always planned to add additional resource types to Project Manager in the future, other than people. 

You will need to join the project resources table with h_sys_accounts in order to be able to get the resource's name.

In terms of tags, the linking keys are all stored in h_tag_links under the tag group urn:tagGroup:projects.

Hopefully when we add some much needed in app reporting to Project Manager you won't need to create a technical report to get this information. It will be selectable in an easy and intuitive interface.


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