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BPM failed at 'Get Card Info' node

Mette Petersen

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Good morning! Busy morning for us with BPM errors :-s

I am looking at a failed BPM BPM20200529000002

It is stuck at 'Get Card Info'. I have compared this with a similar node in another stage and cannot see why the BPM gives an error here. 

Can you help? 


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@Mette Petersen

I assume you navigated to "Manage Executed Processes" to get that workflow ID (Home - Applications - Hornbill Service Manager - Business Processes - Executed Processes). If this is the case then when you look at that workflow, there is an (i) button that shows more details of current workflow status. Click on it and there should be a more detailed error displayed. What is the error? Here is an example of what I mean...


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