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Move all Requests from one Team to another


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We have recently undergone a restructure within our IT department that has led to the generation of new teams. I need to create the new Teams within Service Manager and am wondering is there an easy way for members of the old teams to move all their requests open and/or closed to the new team?

I know if there are none on hold you could select the tick box next to each one and use the Request Actions button but this involves manually ticking each one and ensuring none are on hold. 

Is there a more efficient way?

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Thanks for the post. You should be able to highlight the first, hold shift, highlight the last to select all records of a given type\service\status.  (You would still need to take them off hold) - See attached GIF 


Kind Regards


Keith Stevenson


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@Keith Stevenson or anyone else that might know. 

If i remove a team from the organisation to prevent any new requests from being assigned to it. What happens to the open requests in that team? What happens if I review closed requests that where performed whilst that team existed?

Is there a way to hide the team from the list of available locations to assign requests?

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Hi Andy,

if you still have requests assigned to the old team you will not be able to remove the team from the Organisation, until all requests are moved out of that queue. Once a team is removed from all options Hornbill should retain the old team details in the original request (if this is incorrect anyone else please feel free to correct me) which means you can view the old request and see the original team queue it was raised against/ actioned against.

I have gone through something similar recently. The approach I took was to hide the Service (portal and service desk) if this was required, or I changed the existing BPMs to move any new requests into the new queue (covering both angles as I was not sure if you were just removing a team, or if it also involved retiring a service). Then I moved any active requests across to the new team queue, then I removed the original team as supporting from all Services they were supporting to prevent anything being assigned back. Once all this was done, I then removed the unwanted team totally from the Organisation.

Not sure if this approach is correct, but it worked for me to retire / remove an old team.


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