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Human Task Variable - assign call

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I have a Human task that contains a checklist and also uses capture task fields


The next automated task users this variable to assign the request



however this doesn't do anything. Any suggestions?

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@Kelvin it would appear the team picker output value is the full URN value - something like this urn:sys:group:ChangeManagement 

The assign to team (variable) option, you are trying to use is expecting just the team name - i.e Change Management

So this will be why the assignment is not working for you.

I've asked the question internally as too the expected behaviour of these options, but in the meantime you could do one of the following:

* Create a static list of the team names in the task question - and inject this answer into the assign to team (variable) field

* Create a simple list of the team names, and use this in a dynamic list picker type in the task question, and again inject the answer into the assign to team (variable) field.


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Morning @Kelvin

Just a little update here. 

You can currently achieve what you want using the team picker, however it does involve using a few extra nodes, to get the team name from the URN Value.  

After you have got your task :

1. Use the the following node


Input your task custom question answer into the input text field as a variable and set the from to 14 - this will remove the first 14 characters from the URN value, and this will give you the teamid value.

2. You now need to get the team name using the teamid, so to get this use the Collaboration > Application > Get Organisation Details node and in the ID field, use the variable picker to inject the RESULT output value from the node in step 1. 


3. You can now use the assign to team node, and use the NAME value as a variable from the node in step 2.  


We are looking at ways to simplify this, but for now it will allow you a way to achieve what you are after. 



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