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Is there a way in the BPM to 'Get Asset Details' so that we can use things like the Owner Field?

I would like to raise requests against assets and then to email/assign the request/add as member etc to the 'owned by' field of an asset...Don't think that this is currently easily achieved within the BPM?

Also I suppose that this 'Get Asset Details' option would allow us to make decisions and to take other information from the Asset to insert into the request/emails etc.

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Hi Jeremy, 

We do have plans to provide some BPM Hornbill Automations to work with Assets.  One thing we are looking for a solution on is when there is more than one asset, how will the BPM know which asset that you want the owner from. 

This may be achieved by being able to specify a single primary asset on a request, or by looking at relationships between the request and the assets such as "Caused by". 

Definitely in the plans and I'll let you know once we make some progress.





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