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BPM - User / Team Hornbill Notification

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Can we request a enhancement to add a new BPM Node to allow the sending of Hornbill Notifications from the workflow to a user or team.

In our example we are undertaking an auto assign process in the workflow and want to force the sending of a notification to a user/team based on the severity of the issue. At the moment we would have to send an email rather than use the inbuilt Hornbill platform.



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hi @Martyn Houghton

Can you just clarify. Do you mean a notification as in one that pops up in the list of notifications when you click the BELL icon in top right of hornbill app or do you mean send an email notification automatically from the BPM instead of manually?


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+1 @Martyn Houghton

Good for generating P1/P2 alerts and other messages to appear in the notification bell.

As additional enhancements requests... (i hope this is ok Martyn?)

1. Allow configuration the notification background colour to be changed
2. Include the ability to add an Icon/Symbol next to it, and to be able to define if that Symbol is a Priority notification
3. Allow the actual bell notification icon to change colour and/or flash the icon or animate if someone has one or more priority notifications

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@Martyn Houghton @samwoo This isn't exactly the answer to your query (as you rightly suggest, what you are asking for is a feature request). 

But one alternative that could be used in certain scenarios is to use an "Update Timeline" node in your business process, and you can actually add logic to the content to mention individual users (e.g. the equilivilent of typing "@Bob" in an update). Doing this will also result in them receiving the Hornbill Bell notification to say that have been mentioned. 

To do this, you can use this logic:


so for example, to mention me it would be something like:

{"Bob Dickinson","urn:sys:user:bobd”}


Then you can get even more clever and inject variables from your BPM into the logic. So for example, if I wanted the BPM operation to mention the current owner of the request, I would inject the owner variables as follows:

{"&[global["flowcode"]["owner"]]", "urn:sys:user:&[global["flowcode"]["ownerId"]]"}


As mentioned, not the exact answer but it might give you some inspiration about other ways of achieving the requirement if you weren't already aware of this. 

Kind Regards


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@Bob Dickinson @Martyn Houghton,

Well could create a bpm operation, "Get Team Mentions", that given a team would return the markup for mentioning the team i.e. would return in a variable ref " {'user a','urn:sys:user:usera'} , {'user b,'urn:sys:user:userab'} , {'user c','urn:sys:user:userc'} ".  

This could then be injected into the content property of Timeline update operation... so the markup would be like this:-

Please can you check this request and action as blah blah blah &[global['flowcodes']['getMetionsRes'].userMentions]

This said we do have ability to send notification only to a user but i am working on trying to get it so can easily inject link to associated object (in this case a request). If it cannot be generic might have to add it as a SM specific bpm operation.

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