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Error - unable to load the service request details

Dave Longley

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Hi @David Longley,

We need to know what the error is.

Can you please follow these instructions?

1. Go to the Service page where you have the link to the Raise Request.

2. Refresh your browser (F5)

3. Go to the profile menu (right top) and click on the "Start Diagnostics" option.


4. Go to the Raise Request view (where you have the problem)

5. After you see the problem, stop the Diagnostics by going to the same profile menu and click Stop.

6. A popup will open.

You can either click Download and send the file to me via a private conversation in this forum.




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We get this exact same message too.  Its when you first open the portal or you've just refreshed the page then click on a catalogue item.

When you then click Back or Cancel and re click on it, it loads fine.  I was about to log this myself.



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