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Knowledge Base not working


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So we now have a lot of FAQs in our system and want to use the knowledge base to it's potential.

We have raised these queries before I think but this is more in your face issue, I have a video of the issue but it is too big to attach so this link should work. When you type text into the summary box the system is suppose to search for associated FAQs etc, but from our example this just does not work and does not even get close, is there any work that is being done to make this element of Hornbill more user friendly?

Even if you remove the beginning text and just enter Requesting Bulk Mail into the summary it restricts further and just leaves the Home Worker FAQ that has no link at all. (no service has been at this point of the process).

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Hi Jeremy

I have been playing with Knowledge Centre this weekend, and I could only get this to work if the Summary is placed at the very start of a progressive capture (using either the Form node with Request Details set, or setting a custom data field entry in a customised Form mapped to h_summary).

So as an example we have an equipment fault PC which does not pose the summary question until about 4 nodes down the process. When trying to trigger Knowledge Centre response on these I am not seeing anything come up, but if i insert one of the above nodes at the start it triggers correctly. However, the guide on the Wiki does state there are a number of criteria which can affect how and when and what data is available to display from the Knowledge Centre, and I think some of the actions in my existing progressive capture fall into this criteria. To address this I am considering reworking the structure of a number of progressive captures, probably on the high traffic requests to allow for this feature to trigger correctly. 

If I can get it to trigger when the summary field is deeper into a progressive capture flow then it will save me some rework!

Is your Summary at the start of the capture or further in the flow?



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@Adrian Simpkins we have ours  one step in, the first thing for us is to identify the customer as this is the information that we receive first when getting a call or dealing with an email, then it goes into the Summary/Description node, I can't believe that this has been coded to 'only' work if this is on the first screen!

In all honestly it would be better to have to the option to present the Problems/Known Errors/FAQs etc after the 'Service' selector so that the results can be fine-tuned to the relevant issue.

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Hi Jeremy,

I am just raising these internally at the moment as a full User as we want it to assist our Analysts initially, so we use a generic RaiseNew PC then call the relevant PC from there as we do not want to turn it on for Customers just yet. However, the Summary node is after our Customer Search, Request Type, and Service Selection nodes. On the test Catalogue item I am calling after completing these actions, the Summary node is the first node in that PC. I will try another test script that bypasses the RaiseNew process to see if it works still for me and let you know, 


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